A quarter of eye patients referred to hospitals outside Al-Ahsa

The Directorate of Health Affairs in “Al-Ahsa” revealed the statistical figures for patients referred for treatment in hospitals outside the governorate during the past week, where they amounted to about 251 male and female patients, who were transferred to about 20 specialized hospitals in the Kingdom, in order to provide appropriate health services to patients and reviewers. While the General Medical Authority completed many treatment decisions, which included boarding orders, issuing and renewing decisions. The authority is also working to complete all procedures for patients referred outside the governorate for treatment, which ensures the speedy provision of the necessary health care to them.

Diseases most referred to outside Al-Ahsa:

Ophthalmology 27%

solid tumors 14%

Obstetrics and Gynecology 12.5%

Kidney Transplant 7%

Neurological diseases 5.5%

Al Batinah General 5%

Cardiology 5%

The 7 most referred specialty hospitals:

King Fahd Specialist in Dammam 31%

King Faisal Specialist and Research Center in Riyadh 25.5%

Eye Specialist in Dhahran 19%

King Khaled Eye Specialist in Riyadh 4%

King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh 4%

King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Buraidah 4%

King Fahd University in Khobar 3.5%


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