A plan to enhance the quality of the Internet and encourage competition

The Communications and Information Technology Commission decided to work on promoting the digital economy through a new regulation to protect the user, ensure quality of service and encourage competition and digital innovation. Service providers may adopt price discrimination practices provided that they are transparent, without any unjustified discrimination or discrimination against certain content providers and according to the cases that It is permitted by the Executive Regulations of the Telecommunications Law. Internet traffic management practices must be based on technical, not commercial, considerations. They must be impartial, transparent and objective. Specialized Internet services must not reduce the quality of regular Internet access services, nor be a substitute for them.

The authority has prepared several initiatives for the neutrality of the Internet, ensuring the protection of user interests in accessing legally permitted content, achieving the principles of equality and non-discrimination between local content providers, promoting competition and digital innovation. The new regulation currently under study indicated that end users have the right to freely access and distribute information, content and applications. and services that are statutorily permitted through their Internet access service, regardless of the terminal device used, its source, or the destination of the information or content.


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