A physical theory determines the liability of parties to a collision case that resulted in 3 deaths

A physical theory settled the issue of a traffic accident that resulted in 3 deaths. The Fourth Circuit of the General Court relied on determining the proportion of liability of the parties to the case, based on the theory of “momentum and movement”, which confirmed that the greater the speed of the moving, the greater the risk and strength of its deviation and loss of control.

Incident details

In the first report of the accident, he noted that the first vehicle, “Sequoia”, and the commander of the second vehicle, “Camry,” were traveling on the road to the west, and the driver of the third vehicle, “Land Cruiser”, was traveling in the opposite direction to the east. While the two vehicles were traveling towards the west, the first collided with the rear of the second, which led it to deviate from its course and move due to the force of the collision in the opposite direction and collided with the third vehicle – and the opinion in the traffic report ended with the responsibility of the Sequoia commander towards the accident 100% due to failure to observe the regulations, which resulted in For the accident and the death of the driver and two companions.

Replay the report

The department indicated that the traffic department returned from its first report and submitted another report in which the camry commander had a 25% error rate, as it was proven that he was driving faster than regular, based on the testimonies of witnesses.

The ruling stated that the department discussed the difference in the first and second traffic reports regarding the percentage of charging the defendant with the error, and it found out the effect of the speed of the “cameraman” commander and his responsibility for that at a rate of 25%. This is sufficient to prove the effect of speed in charging the “camera” because he is An opinion from a specialist in the effects of this, and the department’s certainty about the effect of speed has increased, what the formed committee decided, issuing the last report, which included refraining from loading the “camera” to a rate of 25%, due to its lack of speed, arguing that “Sahir” did not pick it up, and this – regardless of the weakness What they relied on – except that there is a consensus of four experts – the accident planner and three from the formed committee – on the effect of speed. The department also relied on the owner of the “camera” to load what is proven in the fundamentals of physics: “The higher the speed of the moving, the greater the risk and strength of its deflection and loss Controlling it in the event of an emergency, and there is no doubt that the control of the vehicle and the commander’s control over it decrease the faster it speeds », in addition to the approval of this by the testimony of the witness and what appeared in the report of the formed committee.

Commute judgment

The circuit sentenced the leader of the “sequoia” to bearing 75% and imprisonment for a period of one month with a suspended sentence, and it rejected the public prosecutor’s claim to charge the defendant what exceeded that percentage. As for the leader of the “camera”, the department ruled not to be sentenced to imprisonment, and to be satisfied with what he would face from bearing 25%. Insurance covered by him, which will incur more than half a million riyals in error, which is likely to spend years of his life to repay it if he is able, and that is sufficient.

The scenario of the accident and the circumstances of the case

The commander of the “Sequoia” vehicle and the captain of the “Camry” are driving west

The captain of a Land Cruiser is driving in the opposite direction

The “Sequoia” vehicle collided with the “Camry” vehicle from the back.

The force of the impact caused the camera to shift in the opposite direction and collided with the Land Cruiser, causing the death of 3 people.

– Download the Commander of the Sequoia 100% of the cause of the accident.

– The commander of the “Sequoia” objected and accused the commander of the “Camry” of speeding

Forming a committee to reconsider planning the accident

– The commission condemned the commander of the “camera” for exceeding the speed limit and charged him 25%

– The department acknowledged the results of the committee, and decided to charge the commander of the “camera” 25%, based on a physical theory.

– It sentenced the commander of the “sequoia” to a one-month suspended prison sentence, and exempted the commander of the “camera” from prison and was satisfied with bearing the prescribed percentage of blood money.

The Public Prosecution appealed the ruling

– The Court of Appeal accepted the request of the prosecution, and returned the case to the circuit, confirming that the prison sentence is very small, because the accident indicates recklessness and recklessness that resulted in the loss of 3 innocent lives.

– The circuit returned to consider the case and issued another judgment.

– The department sentenced the leader of the “Sequoia” to five months in prison, suspended for two months

– The department adhered to its previous ruling on the commander of the “Camry” by charging him 25% and not being sentenced to imprisonment.


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