A partnership between “Ooredoo” and “Infoblox”

Ooredoo Telecom Company continues to enhance the efficiency and quality of its services, which contributes to the consolidation of its performance. For networks.

The partnership comes at a time when companies are moving day after day to a world of multiple clouds and devices, but every new technology brings with it a set of challenges in dealing with its nature, which is the case with hybrid cloud computing, so that coordinated services are managed, used and provided based on policies through a mix It is an internal and external cloud service, characterized by flexibility and scalability as a service, and it depends on the use of Internet technologies.

Al-Faris, Athaina, Al-Harbi and Janine during the announcement of the new license

Here comes the role of the partnership between “Ooredoo” and “Infoblox”, so that the former guarantees all its customers the highest level of security and reliability of their data and networks.

The increasing demands imposed by mobile devices, private devices, virtualization and cloud technologies, and the transition to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), has resulted in greater complexity and risks for the IT staff to manage, control data, politics and security.

Herein lies the main advantage of “Infoblox” technology, which Ooredoo now offers, to help customers automate network control functions to reduce complexity and costs and increase security.

The Director of Strategic Marketing and Business Planning for the Corporate Sector in «Ooredoo Kuwait», Zainab Al-Shammari, expressed her happiness that the company is the first partner of «Infoblox» within the telecommunications companies in Kuwait, which proves once again its ability to keep abreast of market requirements.

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