A partnership between “Ajir” and “Modon” to facilitate labor mobility

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, represented by the “Ajeer” program, revealed a partnership with the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones “Modon”, in order to support and raise the efficiency of the industrial sector.

The Undersecretary for Labor Market Policies Hani Al-Mojel stressed that the partnership with “Modon” aims to support the industrial sector by educating factory owners about the role of “Ajeer” in facilitating and regulating the movement of labor, and introducing the types of notices that factory owners can benefit from, such as the contracting notice, and the employment services notice, In addition to contributing to raising the efficiency of the industrial sector by facilitating access to manpower through the virtual labor market.

He explained that the goals of “Ajir” focus on facilitating access to the workforce, providing flexible solutions for business owners, reducing dependence on external recruitment, and raising the level of efficiency and productivity of the workforce.

For his part, the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications Department, the official spokesman for “Modon”, Qusai Al-Abdulkarim, said that the integration relationship with the “Ajir” program will provide our partners with access to the necessary workforce to support their production activities and complete their operational operations with ease.

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