A Nigerian steals a woman’s money and incites her to poison her husband

A 34-year-old Nigerian residing in the Netherlands was imprisoned in Belgium on suspicion of materially blackmailing a woman, after seducing her over the Internet and then plotting to poison her husband, the public prosecutor in Antwerp, in northern Belgium, announced Thursday.

The Public Prosecution stated in a statement that the investigation was launched in July 2020 after this woman revealed to her children the blackmail she had been subjected to, and her intention to file a complaint with the police. The suspect had persuaded the woman at the time to give him sums of her own money, and also “by borrowing from friends and family members” to meet his wishes.

“With the fraudster asking for more money, they put together a plan to poison the woman’s husband” by “placing cleaning liquid in the food”, but the plan “fortunately did not work,” the Public Prosecution added.

The man had seduced his victim through social networks, claiming that he was a high-ranking soldier in the US Army and had made “various romantic promises” to her, and persuaded her to send him money because he was doing a “mission” abroad.

After submitting the complaint, the investigators managed to reach the suspect, by first identifying the bank to which the money was supposed to be transferred.

This Nigerian citizen was arrested in the Netherlands, where he lives, and then extradited last week to Belgium, where he was charged with “fraud” and “participation in the arrangement of an attempted poisoning,” according to a statement by the Public Prosecution Office in Antwerp.


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