A new version of the “Zoho Expense” program to help medium-sized companies in Saudi Arabia to recover

Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, today announced a new version of its Zoho Expense expense reporting software, which provides advanced capabilities to help medium-sized businesses in Saudi Arabia seeking to recover from the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Achieving efficiency in the travel and expense management process. With the new version, companies will be able to simplify the management and tracking of global travel expenses of companies through a single window.

Remote work has become a new reality in light of the continued suspension of commercial travel due to the Corona pandemic, which requires finding systems and tools to improve remote cooperation and ensure compliance with all regulations as well as improve corporate costs until profitability returns. The new version of “Zoho Expense” comes with a feature to fully review all the expenses incurred by the company in its various headquarters and branches.

In its new version, the program also includes a chat feature that allows teams to communicate in real time during the travel and expense management process, and Zoho Expense also enables companies to easily apply updates to their travel policies and expenses quickly through customizable workflows, which ensures Fulfilling the necessary requirements in the event that it is subject to review or audit.

“As businesses continue to grapple with the aftermath of the pandemic, there is an increasing need for a centralized tool that makes it easier to view total business expenses, simplify travel management, enhance and ease approvals and prevent fraud,” says Kevin Permenter, director of enterprise applications research at IDC. and ensuring compliance, and added: “These capabilities are available in the new version of the Zoho Expense program, which will help companies enforce their own travel and expense policies according to the requirements of different countries. Features such as integrated travel management, budgeting, low-code scalability, and expense auditing introduced by the latest software update make it a ready-made solution for rapid adoption in the mid-market segment.”

“When it comes to travel and expense management, large organizations are often stuck with outdated solutions that may force companies to reduce the level of user experience and features they need, and this is exactly what the Zoho Expense edition offers,” says Sivaramakrishnan Aswarn, Vice President, Zoho. The new software is designed to reduce this problem due to its multiple and easy-to-use features. With comprehensive travel management features, AI-powered fraud prevention, automation, customizable policies, advanced budget management and more, the program will help organizations to control costs and manage compliance easily. An outstanding smartphone application with multiple collaboration features as well as being easy to use is an indispensable solution for both managers and employees to file reimbursement claims.”

Key benefits of the new version of Zoho Expense:

More control and compliance guarantee

Companies can create and track budgets with the help of the dashboard. Customizable alerts can be set that will notify users when the budget limit is exceeded. The system can also block additional expense report submissions and expense approvals automatically.

With the rule engine, companies can set spending caps based on job hierarchy and expense categories to ensure compliance, and save time and money in detecting fraud by automatically identifying and reporting fake receipts, duplicate entries, fraudulent alterations to data, mismatches between receipts and claims.

Companies can set up a fully customizable approval system, and every purchase made within the organization can be rejected or approved, which adds more control over the payment process before it is completed.

A single window for managing travel and expenses

– Provides a unified window to book, organize and manage all the company’s travel trips from A to Z, whether online or offline. Zoho Expense integrates seamlessly with Saber’s GetThere software, a powerful travel management solution that allows employees to book their trips online based on cost approval process steps and other rules defined by the organization.

Easy remote workforce collaboration

The new version of Zoho Expense makes collaboration and communication central to employee travel. The built-in chat bar—a functionality unique to the travel and expense industry—allows users to collaborate with relevant stakeholders in real time.

AI-powered virtual assistant

Zia—Zoho’s AI-powered virtual assistant—will automatically remind users of pending tasks such as incomplete trip requests, unsubmitted reports, and expenses. It will also help users to comply with the policy by notifying them of unsuccessful receipt scans and non-compliant expense claims.

Advanced customization capabilities

Companies can customize Zoho Expense functionality according to their needs, creating a system fully tailored to the organization’s operations and scale as the business grows.


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