“A new king came to power in Egypt”

In the Vatican, expectations are sometimes hidden behind biblical allusions. And this is the case, this time, with a confidence made by one of the leaders of the Curia a few hours after the publication by Francis, last Saturday, of a new apostolic constitution to reorganize in depth the work of the Saint -Seat.

During the exchange, naturally accepted on the condition of preserving the anonymity of our interlocutor, we evoke the reforms put in place by the Argentine pope. ” Lately, then slips us this official of the VaticanI have heard many people here quoting a sentence from Exodus: “A new king came to power in Egypt, who had not known Joseph”…” The phrase in the Old Testament marks a turning point for the chosen people: the new pharaoh has forgotten Joseph, once the most powerful man in Egypt, and then decides to reduce the people of Israel to slavery.

But what does this biblical anecdote have to do with the Pope and the Curia? ” It’s simpleanswers our source. These people are eager for a turnaround. They hope that once Pope Francis is gone, the next pope will forget everything he set up, and everyone he relied on. » A revealing interpretation of the resistance of some, within the Curia, to any change, and of the hope nourished by the latter to see the end of the pontificate come quickly.

It is, moreover, no doubt to ward off this resistance that the pope decided, on Saturday March 19, to publish this new constitution, which has been awaited for nine years, without any notice. Within the Vatican itself, very few officials were aware of this calendar. ” One way, summarizes a Vatican source, to prevent blockage. »


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