A mechanism for transferring certificates of origin from “trade” to “industry”

The approval of the higher authorities was issued to transfer the competence to issue certificates of origin for all national products from the Ministry of Commerce to the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, in accordance with the approved transition plan, provided that the former continue to exercise this competence for a period of one year from the date of approval of the decision, subject to extension by agreement between the two ministries. Approval for the Ministry of Industry to redistribute the competencies and tasks related to its exercise of the stipulated jurisdiction, and to determine the appropriate body to do this and coordinate with the Ministry of Commerce before issuing new instructions related to certificates of origin or amending existing ones.

The transition plan includes assigning a team of technicians in the Ministry to work with the specialists in the electronic service systems for certificates of origin in the Ministry of Commerce; To practice the actual work and a mechanism for dealing with the complaints or challenges that may be received by customers, related to the electronic service systems and assigning a team from the Ministry to work with the employees of the Ministry of Commerce specialized in certificates of origin (in the customer service sector), who handle the processing of requests of all kinds and the mechanism of dealing with the operational characteristics of the electronic systems . This also includes completing the necessary procedures for transferring jurisdiction, all of its responsibilities, to the Ministry of Industry and Wealth

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