A man swallows his headphones while sleeping

A man nearly suffocated to death after swallowing the iPhone, known as “AirPods,” while sleeping.

Brad Guthier, 38, knew that something had gone wrong after he choked and then vomited while trying to drink a glass of water after waking up early Tuesday morning.

Brad managed to save himself from the condition by leaning forward, and the water eventually spilled out of his mouth. And he continued to work all day, while he could sense something strange in his chest.

The matter began to emerge after the family, including his wife, joked while helping him search for the missing earphone, and suspicions arose that he might have swallowed it.

He continued, “At that point, for another 10 minutes I stopped thinking about it, but we all decided that it would be safer to go to the hospital.” And in the hospital, an x-ray soon confirmed this.

“It was just so funny,” said Brad, “When I left the room I heard a little bit of chatter outside, like no, couldn’t that be?” Then the nurse came back and looked at me and said I had already swallowed the stethoscope. Later, doctors managed to remove the stethoscope from the esophagus by means of an endoscopy.


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