A man asks his wife to borrow 120,000 to marry her

A man deceived his wife by taking a personal loan in the amount of 120,000 riyals to pay off a debt on him, but he married her, as the wife learned from one of her female relatives, which prompted her to confront him, but he initially denied it.

raise a file to the court

The woman applied to a law firm to inquire about filing a case against her husband, who married another woman after he deceived her, as she said, by taking a personal loan and helping him pay off a debt on him, as he was claiming that he was threatening to stop his service, so she took a personal loan of 120,000 riyals and gave it in order to pay .

She explained that after several weeks had passed, she learned through one of her relatives that her husband had determined his marriage within months, which prompted her to confront the husband with this, but he denied at first, and after insisting to find out the validity of this, he admitted that he would marry soon.

After demanding that he pay her 120,000 riyals, the loan that she took for him, he denied that, which prompted her to go to a law firm to find out her legal position in filing a case against him to annul the marriage and demanding the return of the amount that he took from her.

Annulment of the marriage

Lawyer Assem Al-Mulla confirmed that the wife cannot file a marriage annulment case unless the conditions that necessitate it are met, and there are many reasons that could be one of the ways to annul the marriage, including the presence of a defect in one of the spouses and concealing it from the other party during the marriage contract. The other party has the right to file the dissolution of the marriage case if this is discovered, also in the event that one of the parties is unable to bear the responsibility, whether alimony or otherwise, and also if the marriage contract is missing one of its conditions that can only be fulfilled, such as the absence of witnesses or a guardian.

Spouses’ rights

He pointed out that the annulment of the marriage is the right of the two spouses, and the wife can file a marriage dissolution case if the conditions that necessitate that are met, and the procedures are to file a lawsuit before the Personal Status Court through the electronic case newspaper service, then after that a message arrives on the phone of the parties to the case with details The case and by setting an appointment with the judge, the judge will make sure of the reasons for the request for annulment, and if they are valid and permissible for the annulment, he will decide the case or he will ask to transfer the case to a reconciliation council to try to reconcile the spouses if the need arises. In the event that they are married and have children, matters of custody, alimony and compensation for the other party are agreed upon in the event that the case requires compensation, and then the judge issues his ruling after that.

Ways of submitting a case to annul a marriage

Annulment of the marriage is a right of the spouses if there are reasons leading to this

It is filed with the Personal Status Court

– Filing a lawsuit through the case sheet

– A message arrives for the applicant with the date of the session

The judge will confirm the reasons for the annulment request

– He will ask to transfer the case to a reconciliation council to try to reconcile the spouses if the need arises

In the event that it is not possible to reconcile them, the details of the annulment will be agreed upon

– If they are married and have children, custody and alimony matters are agreed upon


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