A lost whale spotted in the Mediterranean Sea

In recent days, a gray whale was spotted for the first time on the French Mediterranean coast, and it is believed to have lost its way away from the Pacific Ocean, according to the National Marine Mammal Network.

This whale calf was previously seen off Morocco in early March and then on the Italian coasts in recent weeks, off Naples and then Rome and Genoa, and is eight meters long and about 15 months old.

It appears to be lost in the Mediterranean Sea, and is trying to get out of it to return to its natural habitat in the North Pacific Ocean.

A lost whale

A member of the network, veterinarian Adrien Gagnier, who personally saw the whale Friday off Burm-les-Mimosa (southeast of France), indicated that a whale “was previously seen twice in the Mediterranean in 2010, but off Israel and Spain, and this calf is the first off the French coast.” .

It is not unusual for this type of whale to be found in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, given that the vast majority of these animals live between Baja California in the winter and Alaska in the summer.

“This whale, born in California, may have been lost in the Beaufort Sea during its first feeding season, and instead of returning to the Pacific Ocean, it crossed the Atlantic Ocean and then got stuck,” said Adrien Gagnier of the (Greek) Cetaceans Research Group, an association based in Antibes. In the Mediterranean Sea ».

Bring it back to the sea

The whale was seen for the first time off Antibes, off Mandelio La Napoleon, on Thursday, and then the port of Burme-les-Mimosa on Friday, where the port authorities managed to return it to the sea.

“After that, we accompanied him as he headed west and left him one nautical mile from Cape Pina,” Gagnier said, hoping that the calf would continue its journey towards the Gulf of Lion and then the Spanish coast, then out of the Mediterranean through the Strait of Gibraltar and up to the Atlantic Ocean.


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