A Jazan player mimics the waves of the border with the tunes of the homeland

When the love of the homeland touches the feelings of the talented child and the artist, he does not need a tongue or a mediator, to express the love of his country’s wealth, because his innate innocence pushes him to express the love of his country only through his talent and art.

This is the case of the 12-year-old girl, Fatima Hazazi, “the Jazan player”. She was born in one of the villages of the Southern Border in the Al-Harath Governorate, which in her early childhood did not accept any game other than those of musical instruments. Today, the child, the lute and violin player, has become the star of occasions and celebrations in the Jazan region and its governorates.

limit melody

Last weekend, the girl rejected most of the invitations to her mother to participate in some of the National Day activities in the governorates. Fatima asked her mother to celebrate this time, in her own way, the 91st anniversary of the homeland, by scattering the melodies of her songs on the borders and beaches of the southern border, her birthplace. Which at the same time raised astonishment and astonishment of her mother. Who did not find it necessary to communicate with a number of parties to meet the desire of her small artist. Meanwhile, Umm Fatima received approval, welcome, and provision of capabilities and support from the Mayor of Al-Suha Border Center, Eng. Abdullah Awaf, fulfilling the girl’s musician desire to spread her national tunes to beach visitors.

playing with music

The mother of the musician Hazazi explained that Fatima began to be attached to music and playing, since the age of six, and she only accepted musical instrument toys. The mother adds: When she noticed her attachment to music and playing, she began to encourage her and her little sister, Wafaa, who can sing well. Fatima’s talents emerged early in playing the oud and the violin. So I tried to provide her with a coach to play, and she also participated in a children’s singing group affiliated to one of the children’s singing channels, but unfortunately she did not benefit from the channel and continued to practice playing. On her studies, she is studying in the first intermediate grade, and she is keen on daily training in playing and developing her capabilities.


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