A husband complains of inciting his mother-in-law to waste his money

A husband resorted to a family counselor, after he could not find a solution to address the problem amicably with his wife, who finds great pressure from her mother and sisters to make many requests for him, as she incites her daughter to drain his money because he is a rich and capable man, and so that he cannot marry her.

Detection of agitation

The husband discovered the mother’s incitement to his wife after he heard her talk to her on the mobile by chance, although his wife refuses to waste his money because she asked him a lot before, and she does not want to be burdened with the many requests.

The husband who suffers from this problem resorted to the family counselor, and later decided to file a case of intimidation with his wife in court, after he failed to solve the problem with his wife, and to find a solution for her with the family counselor.

Proof of evidence

For his part, the lawyer and legal advisor, Dr. Muhammad Al-Senussi, confirmed that some matters cannot be proven by a person, and therefore not every case is referred to the court, indicating that this case does not represent intimidation, as the case of intimidation means that the man raises a case against another man who entices his wife To separate from him in order to marry her.

Group sessions

He explained that a man who finds that he is harmed by his wife must consider that marriage is a partnership and if there is any problem in this marriage, then it is better for him to hold meetings with his wife to change her behavior and the behavior of her family, or to finally resort to divorce. Al-Senussi continues that in these matters the husband does not resort to the judiciary, rather it is better for him to resort to a family counselor or a psychiatrist, and he can bring his wife with him to explain the problem or develop appropriate solutions that satisfy both parties. These sessions can be group or individual, and knowing their reasons, if it is due to excessive jealousy or other reasons, that push the wife to waste her husband’s money, and the decision is for the husband. This is his life and this is his money.

Get away from the judiciary

Al-Senussi indicated that such cases are not resolved by legal professionals, who will call on the husband to move away from the judiciary and resort to solving the problem with the wife amicably or resorting to a family counselor or psychiatrist, to uncover attempts to squander funds that are cunning and may be behind them excessive jealousy.


A woman’s corruption is called for her husband or a man for his wife

– It is forbidden and reprehensible, and it results in great evils

A prison sentence is in addition to a thousand lashes


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