A houseplant sells for $19,000

The price of one houseplant sold in New Zealand was more than 19,000 US dollars.

According to CNN, the plant called “Ravidophora tetrasperma” contains nine leaves, which were sold at the “Trade Me” auction house, New Zealand, at a price of $ 19,297.

Trade Me spokeswoman Millie Sylvester said it was the most expensive houseplant ever sold at the auction site.

She emphasized that the sale was not easy, but rather witnessed fierce competition in the last minutes of the auction, after which he received more than 102 thousand views, and more than 1,600 watch lists, which show how much people love house plants, as she put it.

She noted that houseplants have become a staple over the past two years, saying, “We’ve seen prices go up and up as more Kiwis jump in this new trend.”

As for the plant “Ravidophora tetrasperma”, it is a rare white plant, containing 8 leaves, with a ninth part about to wrinkle, and it is distinguished that each leaf has excellent coloration, as is the case with the stem, and is well rooted in a 14 cm pot. The plant is Thailand and Malaysia.


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