A historic choice of films for the reopening of cinemas

Postponed since the start of the pandemic, many French films will have to face American blockbusters when theaters can once again welcome audiences.

No one in the film industry is under any illusions that reopening will be difficult by June. In normal times, attendance already depends a lot on the weather. The Cannes Film Festival helps a bit but this time, no glitter on the Croisette before July and, after being confined, many French people first dream of going out for a drink on the terrace and meeting their friends to have fun. Party.

“They will do both, go to the movies and then have a drink”, reassures Xavier Albert, general manager of Universal Pictures France, who promises them this summer “Every week a big movie”. And to shell out his heavy weights: The Croods 2, Fast & Furious 9, American Nightmare 5, Finch, with Tom Hanks, Respect, the biopic on Aretha Franklin, Candyman … Those who will be there from the first screening will be the same as in June 2020. They are the “regulars”, those who go to the cinema at least once a week, in particular the faithful of arthouse theaters and the elderly. Make come back

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