A hero rescues a child who has fallen on a railroad seconds before the train arrives

Video clips spread through social networks in India, showing a railway worker saving the life of a child after he ran thirty meters inside the railway to pull it after falling on it seconds before the train arrived, in a “heroic” move that was widely praised.

These CCTV footage showed a 30-year-old Indian worker, Mayor Shilke, rushing to the rescue of the six-year-old boy after he slipped his visually impaired mother’s hand and fell on the train tracks Saturday at Vangani Station, about seventy kilometers east of Bombay.

As soon as he heard the mother’s call for help, Scheilke hurriedly ran down the train tracks. The footage released by the Indian Railways shows the man grabs the boy and quickly pulls him out of the tracks, then he also leaves for safety just two seconds before the arrival of the “Odian Express” train.

“I saw the child fall as the train was rapidly approaching him. If I hadn’t intervened, it would have been impossible for him to stay alive,” ilke said in statements published in the local Med-Day newspaper. He pointed out that seeing the train approaching so fast had frightened himself, but he said, “There was no time to think, I was determined to save it.” India records many train accidents, especially due to the poor railway situation in the country. Social networks in India were full of messages praising the worker’s step, describing him as a “superhero”.

India’s Minister of Railways Pius Goyal said that ielke would receive a reward in recognition of his “humanitarian catalyst”.


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