“A great man”, “a loving soul” … Rain of tributes after the death of Wolfgang Petersen

Glenn Close, Diane Kruger and Mike Flanagan reacted to the death of German director Wolfgang Petersen, which occurred on August 12 in Los Angeles. DPA/ABACA

Glenn Close, Diane Kruger and Mike Flanagan reacted to the death of the German director of The Neverending Story, Troy or The boat.

This Wednesday, a few hours after the announcement of the death of Wolfgang Petersen, which occurred on August 12 at his home in Los Angeles, the world of cinema pays tribute to him. The 81-year-old German director, who had been battling pancreatic cancer for several years, was particularly known for his films The boat, Troy and The never-ending story and for directing the biggest Hollywood stars including Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt.

Actress Glenn Close, who starred alongside Harrison Ford in Air Force One, was one of the first to react to the death of Wolfgang Peterson. She remembers with AFP that having been directed by the German director “remains a special memory“. “Even though the storyline was thrilling and incredibly intense, I remember lots of laughs, especially during the scenes around the huge table in the ‘War Room’“, she said. “My memory is that of a man full of joie de vivre (in French in the press release, editor’s note) who did what he liked to do the most“, said the actress again.

Diane Kruger, interpreter of Hélène in Troy (2004), reacted on his Instagram account. In a message accompanied by a photo of the director carrying the reels of the film which earned him six Oscar nominations in 1983, Das Boot (The boat), she states: “Dear Wolfgang, the memories of you and our time during the filming of Troy will always accompany me. You were a great man.️ Bon voyage and I think very much of your family. Rest in peace”.

Emmy Rossum, interpreter of Jennifer Ramsey in Poseidon (2006) rememberse as for her “talent”, “humor” and the “11 a.m. soup tradition” of the director. “It is thanks to you that I know how to scuba dive. […] We will miss you”she added on her Twitter account.

His on-screen partner, Josh Lucas, also spoke on his Instagram account, inviting his followers to watch “the masterpiece” by Wolfgang Petersen Das Boot.

Released in 2000, In the middle of a storm features George Clooney, Mark Whalberg and Diane Lane. The latter reacted to the death of the director with Deadline : “My heart is sad today. Wolfgang was a great loving soul. A natural leader through positive encouragement […]. Literally just being around him made me a better actor. My sincere condolences and love to his family.”.

In addition to the actors who had the opportunity to be directed by Wolfgang Petersen, everyone in the cinema is saddened by his disappearance. The director of Haunting of Hill House and Doctor Sleep, Mike Flanagan, for example, was one of the first to react on Twitter. He said to himself “very sad to learn of the death of Wolfgang Petersen”. “I like Das boot, In the line of sight, In the middle of a storm, Alert !... and I will always hold a very special place in my heart for The never-ending story. Rest in peace”he added.

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