A giant art mural to support International Children’s Day

The Department of Beautification of Our Surroundings, in cooperation with the First Women Charitable Society, organized a giant artistic mural on the wall of the association’s yard, measuring 3.12 meters in length and 9 meters in width, to celebrate International Children’s Day and in support of them, in the presence of plastic artist Hana Khushaim and members of the association to celebrate the association’s children. The Executive Director of the Ocean Beautification Foundation, Heba Aoun, stressed to the nation the importance of celebrating the children of the world, who are the main focus of societies seeking to empower them, as we give children more care, attention and guidance with entertainment to promote and develop the child’s intellect and the importance of protecting and preserving his rights.

Heba added that in cooperation with skipydoo, a startup led by an enthusiastic father interested in making the world a better place by helping children engage in more useful games, through high-activity and dynamic games, and enabling them to develop their skills by encouraging them to innovate and develop games, and connect children The world is through a platform that is created to see the different cultures and civilizations of the world’s children, through which it feels to them to enhance their capabilities in various fields, hoping to help them reduce sitting in front of smart devices, especially because they spend most of their day in virtual learning.

She indicated that the idea of ​​her foundation is based on supporting artists and linking them with various bodies to promote art in society, create an atmosphere that brings joy and happiness in our society, and participate in many places where artistic works are executed.


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