A friendly relationship that brings together the women of Jazan and the roses daily

Jazan women dominated roses of all kinds, as they are linked to a friendly relationship daily, and they are considered the most acquired, at a time when roses were the most sold during the past 12 days.

1000 roses per day

A number of rose sellers in the region estimated that they sold about 1,000 roses per day, and red roses were the most purchased roses by consumers, followed by yellow. Al-Watan monitored, on a field tour, 10 locations of flower shops in different governorates in Jizan, and monitored the method of processing, selling, and sellers’ confirmation of the prosperity of the purchasing movement, which are the most popular occasions and weekends for purchase, with the total income of one shop reaching 5,000 riyals.

Various uses The acquisition of roses is active for many, as the most prominent uses of roses are: gifting between spouses, mutual consent, using it with decorating jasmine and aromatic plants, gifting between friends, gifting to parents, decorating homes, and roses modify the psychological state, and draw joy on their faces.

Active women

The seller, Essam Muhammad, confirmed that women are the most active in acquiring and buying roses, noting that most of their requests are to decorate various tools with flowers according to their desire, adding that he consumes 90% of roses daily, adding that the proximity of flower shops increases competition in the production of roses in an impressive manner. , what makes it attract customers, and be a friend of the store, with the offers presented to it.

positive effect

The family advisor, Abdullah Salem, said that gifts of roses have a positive effect, strengthening the bonds of love between spouses, close people, and friends, and contribute to solving many problems, anger, raising morale, and enhancing family and community solidarity, adding that roses have a special feature that distinguishes them from many material gifts, and that the converts activate the Sunnah in accordance with the saying “Trade you love,” and that this is a direct psychological reconciliation with the same person.


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