A father complains about a hospital causing his daughter’s condition to deteriorate

Ali Saleh Al-Zahrani, the father of a 50-day-old baby girl, complained to the administration of East Jeddah Hospital, because of the deterioration of his daughter’s condition and her admission to intensive care, indicating that a needle was inserted in her foot in a wrong way that resulted in heart stopping, while Health Affairs in Jeddah told Al-Watan that it was done. Taking the statement of the concerned doctors about the complaint, and completing the necessary regulatory action in such medical cases.

Diagnose the condition

Ali Al-Zahrani said: My daughter was diagnosed after conducting the necessary tests that she suffers from stomach gases, lack of oxygen and salinity in the blood, and after that she went to admission on Saturday 3/28 to Friday 5/4, and the advisory supervising her condition began to detect and reassure us She is in good health, and she is not suffering from anything, and she will leave the hospital on Sunday 7/4, but my daughter’s condition deteriorated on Friday, as the needle was inserted incorrectly into the foot resulting in the nutrient fluid entering the rib cage, and the heart stopped due to lack of oxygen, and resuscitation was performed for her. After the doctor tried to insert the needle into her hands and then insert it into her foot.

Submit the complaint

He added: I filed a complaint with the hospital administration, and their response was: “The girl suffered from choking due to milk.” When I asked them for medical reports on the case, they refused to give me. An investigation into the matter and holding the responsible accountable due to the deterioration of my daughter’s condition, and the complaint was referred to Health Affairs in Jeddah, then to the hospital administration for referral to the ambulance and emergency department.

Affairs response

For its part, Jeddah Health Affairs stated that the complaint was received by the hospital’s compliance department, and work is underway to take the statement of the doctors involved in the complaint, and to complete the necessary regulatory action in such medical cases, and if it is proven that there is a medical error, negligence or negligence against the patient, a full removal will be made. Complaint papers to a scientific committee to study the medical file, then refer them to the Sharia Health Authority in Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region for decision.

The girl was diagnosed with stomach gases, lack of oxygen and salinity in the blood.

I switched to hypnosis after that, from Saturday 3/28 to Friday 4/5.

– The consultant supervising her case began the examination and reassured the child’s family that her health was good.

– She left the hospital on Sunday 7/4, but her condition deteriorated on Friday.

The father complained that the needle was wrongly inserted into his daughter’s foot.

He filed a complaint with the hospital administration and asked them for medical reports.

Submit a complaint to the Ministry of Health on 4/5.


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