A fake advertisement that takes advantage of the image of the Saudi presenter Al-Olayani

One of the companies suspected of promoting illegal investments and activities located in a neighboring country exploited the image of one of the providers of the economic newsletter in the Saudi news channel in an electronic advertisement attributed to the Ministry of Commerce, in which the presenter appears in a fabricated video in the voice of another person, and calls for investment through the company with a minimum of 2,000 riyals Under the name of “the digital circulation project for citizens”.

Fabricated video

Al-Watan contacted Nayef Al-Olayani, who was the presenter who appeared in the advertisement of the fraudulent company, which exploited the viewers ’confidence in the channel and its specialization in the field of business and finance. Exploiting one of the news published on the channel by changing the voice, and adding false and suspicious information to it.

Temptation with sums of money

“Al-Olayani” explained that he personally contacted a lawyer in the city in which the company is located, who is a lawyer, and asked him for some information. For his part, he mentioned that the company has been in existence and has been authorized from 2005 until this year, and its permit is renewed annually.

Al-Olayani also contacted the company directly to inquire about the fabricated advertisement. The employee mentioned to him that it was a ready-made advertisement, then offered him a sum of money to lure him in order to work with them after he threatened him with filing a lawsuit against the company, for exploiting his image and his appearance on the Al-Akhbariya channel, and fabricating content The advertisement, indicating that the accent of the company employee indicates that he is of Arab nationality.

Exploiting confidence

“Al-Olayani” confirmed that he received daily calls from people, either on personal knowledge of him or through others with knowledge of him, and they paid amounts in the tens and hundreds of thousands. previous days. He added that he stated, through his personal account on “Twitter” as well as on “WhatsApp”, that this entire advertisement is a fraud, and despite this, there are still many people who fall victim day after day to this fabricated advertisement, because people trust in The channel has him personally.

It is noteworthy that Nayef Al-Olayani has been working in economic publications for more than 10 years, and he is a doctoral researcher in media. He was also the presenter of the well-known “Presidency of the Twenty” program on the Al-Ikhbariya channel, and before that, an hour in the economy.


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