A doctor buys Aladdin’s lamp for 201,000 dollars

Indian authorities have arrested two men in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on charges of defrauding a doctor with the aim of selling him “Aladdin’s Misbah”, who promised that he would bring the doctor great wealth, health and happiness.

According to “BBC”, the two Indians carried out a strange trick, as they pretended to summon souls in line with the famous story extracted from one of the stories of the famous “One Thousand and One Nights” book.

In the end, the two men offered the lamp for sale, promising him that it would “bring wealth, health and good luck” in exchange for 15 million Indian rupees ($ 201,000), but they agreed with him on a down payment of 310,000 rupees ($ 41,584), only to discover that he had been deceived.

Imaginary character

Indian media quoted the deluded doctor, who said: “They started telling me about Aladdin, and they claimed that they visited his house as well. They started brainwashing and asked me to see him.” The doctor, who confirmed that he had already met him, added, “During one of the visits, he actually appeared. Before me .. Aladdin appeared.

And Indian media reports indicated that the two suspects pretended to bring the genie from inside the lamp to convince the doctor that he was real.


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