A dismissed officer assaulted a training dog

Recently, a video appeared in the media, in which an officer was shown throwing a dog into the car, prompting the Salisbury Police in North Carolina to investigate the matter.

And in this video, an unknown officer appears, approaching the car after the dog is away from the training session, without the approval of the responsible officer, and then he caught him and threw him in the back seat of the car, according to what the American newspaper “thehill” reported.

Although there were no witnesses to what happened at the time, the surveillance camera that was found at the scene showed the officer being exposed to the dog and beating it, before throwing it in the car.

In a statement issued by the police department, the anonymous officer who dealt with the dog in this way was dismissed. To ensure the integrity of the investigation into the matter, an external agency has been assigned to lead the investigation, an agency that conducts interviews and reviews the matter with specific dog experts, including former dealers with other police departments and the owner of the police dog training company. After the investigation, the agency indicated that this officer could have cut the dog’s breath by raising it and throwing it in this way, as by throwing it on the shoulder and returning it to the back, it cuts off the air supply, as well as the possibility of damage to its spine.


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