A digital partnership between “Bucky” and “Oula Fuel”

The “Bucky” application for electronic payment has started, a strategic partnership with the “First Fuel Marketing” company, allowing its users to use the “Oula Fuel” application to pay for refueling.

The partnership comes within the framework of strengthening and developing application relationships with economic and financial companies and institutions operating in Kuwait, and in order to attract customers towards using electronic payment methods in their transactions.

Iman Al-Roudhan is mediated by Hamad Qalam and the Zain team during the ceremony

The operations manager of the “Booki” comprehensive electronic payment application, Beta Zahir, said that “Bucky” and “First Fuel Marketing” have a common desire to provide a safe and easy payment service to customers.

Zahir pointed out that “Bucky” provides an electronic wallet service as an alternative and smart solution, to complete many daily cash transactions, such as paying in participating stores with it, paying at multiple electronic stores that accept it as a payment option, paying mobile bills, buying prepaid electronic cards, or sending Money for other individuals who have the application, enjoy exclusive offers and discounts, and earn loyalty points for every dinar spent on it and “cash back”.

She indicated that a person can fill in the special balance on the “First Fuel” application, from the balance available to him in the “Bucky” electronic wallet.

And she added that this partnership enjoys safe payment in the “First Fuel” application, especially for business owners and companies or for the householder, instead of paying drivers cash in exchange for fuel, as they can send money through the “Bucky” wallet in an easy and safe way so that the driver can charge the app balance. With saving all transactions on the “Poké” and “Al-Oula” applications.

Confronting Corona

Zahir said that the partnership reflects the keenness of companies and institutions operating in Kuwait to implement the directives of the financial supervisory authorities in Kuwait, aiming to reduce the use of paper money, and to replace it with the use of bank cards and digital transfers, in the context of confronting the repercussions of the Corona virus.

Zahir expressed her happiness with this strategic partnership with “First Fuel Marketing”, which reflects the continuous endeavor to provide smart technical solutions commensurate with the needs of individuals and companies, and to create an integrated digital payment system, to add security, speed, ease and flexibility in all transactions between the customer and the merchant.

She added that Bucky aims to continuously increase their payment locations, whether online or offline, and to provide a variety of benefits and services that suit all commercial fields, while taking the convenience and security of customer data into consideration.

Strategic partnerships

For his part, Observer of Public Relations and Marketing at Oula Fuel Marketing Company, Abdulaziz Al-President, explained that the partnership reflects the great desire by the company’s officials to increase the levels of electronic payment of customers at various gas stations, which drives it to build strategic partnerships with secure electronic applications.

The president explained that the “Poki” application has become one of the most popular applications operating in Kuwait, as it provides the service that suits the needs of the customer in an easy and simple way.

He pointed out that “First Fuel” aims, with the development of electronic payment methods for customers, to work seriously towards implementing electronic services in all fields in a manner that enhances its market share.

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