A destination is required for those looking for 14 recreational areas in the Riyadh season

The “Muttalib” platform embraces pioneering projects and distinguished talents within the Kingdom, and provides national events with cadres and services that contribute to the entertainment content industry, and achieve its goals through effective organization and facilitation of the participation of individuals, facilities and service providers in all events and seasons in the Kingdom, including the Riyadh Season 2021, which was launched in the October 20th, with its activities spread over 14 entertainment areas throughout the capital, Riyadh.

The launch of “Mutlab” came to keep pace with the huge growth of the supported national events sector, which represents part of the fruits of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in its social and economic achievements, and is considered a national tributary for the development of entertainment projects and diversification of its economic effects, and a seat for containing young talents, and opening the way for them to appear in front of the public and transfer them from the scenes Creative platforms and theaters. Matloob contributes to diversifying investment opportunities for which the Riyadh Season is an important source, given the demand for its activities and programs, which contributes to the growth of projects and positively affects local economies, diversifying job opportunities, increasing investment, and providing sustainable material resources.

The platform achieves its pioneering role through its work as a link between event organizers and providers of entertainment, creative and service services, and a unified destination for information, requests and services related to the events sector, stimulating its role and enhancing its environment, in addition to facilitating competition for job opportunities and projects, and conducting deals effectively and transparently for service providers. Through the “Mustaqbal” platform, which has become a magnet for those looking to participate in the Saudi events sector, the announcement of the Kingdom’s largest season, the Riyadh Season 2021, which in turn raised the volume of interaction on the platform, and brought the number of applicants to its website to about 250 thousand registered for all services, 35,000 of them applied for the Riyadh season.

Applicants to the platform were divided between: 21,000 talents specialized in playing, acting and juggling, 187,000 job applications in sales services, crowd management, operating games, helping chefs, 5,000 event ideas and logistics services, 8,000 stores and restaurants, and 20,000 event sites.


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