A Day in the Life of a Cloud Developer

Sasanka Panda

In a world which is a fast-moving place, especially in terms of technological advancements, Cloud is one of the prominent concepts. Let’s get to know more about what Cloud is and what a Cloud Developer does?

Cloud is a virtual and global platform for computer operations and a cloud developer is the creator of cloud application infrastructure. In simpler terms, a cloud developer’s job is somewhat similar to that of a software engineer. Some of the fundamental functions of a professional cloud consist of designing, constructing, maintaining the system and to ensure it is safe and secure. The increasing use of virtual platforms has made secure and sensitive information prone to hackers as well as higher risks of cyber-attacks. Thus, an important aspect of a cloud developer’s role is to design the system in such a way that keeps the cloud system and services shielded from hackers.

There are a wide range of responsibilities on the shoulders of a Cloud Developer which include:

  • Customization of cloud models based on the requirements
  • Designing cloud applications followed by implementation of those designs
  • Integrate various cloud services
  • Guide suitable technology components that are to be combined to build a cloud
  • Overall observation and maintenance
  • Capturing services with the help of performance indicators
  • Deploying cloud services
  • Developing process and workflow as a whole

All of this entails an extensive procedure of scrutinising the varied aspects like storage, sending and receiving of data as well as maintaining a backup as an alternative option in case of any technical fault so as to enable a seamless experience for users. To get well-versed with the cloud ecosystem, one must be efficient with the skills like, API programming, general programming, DevOps, microservices, system architecture and design, Database creation and management, scripting, networking, scaling and security.

As a cloud developer, one is required to maintain evaluation of one’s organisation’s efficiency and it is on the basis of this metric that one develops a competitive structure which not only serves to the profit of the organization but is also compatible enough to meet the client requirements .

In the wake of the pandemic a surge has been witness in the demand of cloud computing professionals. According to an industry report, India’s cloud infrastructure market is expected to grow to Rs 1,169.23 bn by 2025. A report by India Today states the median package of a Cloud Architect goes up to Rs 13,40,000. According to renowned employment website ‘Inde growned’, the demand for Cloud Computing jobs has by 42%. All of this accounts for lucrative prospects in the cloud computing domain.

A credible certification in Cloud Computing & DevOps can help you get closer to living the life of a Cloud Professional.

The writer is Program Architect, WileyNXT

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