A constitution dictated by the Dayton Accords

According to the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, annexed to the peace treaty of December 1995, Bosniaks (Muslims), Serbs (Orthodox) and Croats (Catholics) are the constituent peoples and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The country is divided into two autonomous entities: the Republika Srpska (RS, Serbian Republic of Bosnia) and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croat-Muslim), which share the seats of the House of Representatives, respectively one third and two thirds.

three presidents, a Serb, a Croat and a Bosnian form the presidential college.

The 2013 census

The population is 3.5 million, a decrease of 19.3% since 1991.

In Republika Srpska, 81.5% of the inhabitants are Serbs.

In the Federation, 70.4% of the inhabitants are Bosnian

Half (50.1%) of the inhabitants declared themselves to be Bosnian, 30.8% Serbs, 15.4% Croats and 3.7% others, which include minorities or people who consider themselves to be Bosnian, i.e. citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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