A Chinese bowl of 500 thousand dollars

The price of a small bowl of Chinese porcelain that will be put up for sale in an auction organized by “Sotheby’s” was estimated at between 300 thousand and 500 thousand dollars. The owner of the pot bought it for only $ 35 from a flea market in Connecticut, in the northeastern United States. The lucky discoverer, whose name was not announced, asked Sotheby’s to guess the vessel decorated with delicate floral motifs. Ming. The head of the Chinese arts department at Sotheby’s in New York, Angela McCater, said that the “very distinctive” shape of the vessel and its floral pattern put it in an extremely rare category of vessels, as there is no of it in the world, according to available information, only 6 other similar models. She explained that 5 of the 6 vessels are preserved in museums, including two in Taipei, two in London and one in Tehran, and the sixth “was last seen in the market in 2007.” And I expected that the auction, which will be held on March 17th, will be of interest to business collectors and institutions alike, in light of these data. As for how the vessel moved from China to Connecticut over the centuries, it may never be known, she says. It should be noted that many Chinese pieces of art arrived in Western homes in the nineteenth century, but the manner of their arrival and transmission over the generations is not documented.


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