A celebrity is threatened with deprivation of custody of her child

A social media celebrity sparked controversy by photographing her child wearing women’s clothes and dying his face with cosmetics, and publishing these photos through her accounts, which necessitated the intervention of the Domestic Violence Reports Center, and she was summoned by the Public Prosecution Office for investigation and legal accountability. For his part, the legal advisor and Secretary-General of the National Society for Human Rights Khaled Al-Fakhi said that if the behavior is repeated and systematic against the child, the child protection system from harm will be applied, and other measures are taken up to taking it and providing an alternative family, or it is placed in the places designated by the Ministry of Resources. Human and social development.

Violation of rights

She summoned the famous Public Prosecution, for violating the rights of her child in an illegal work, and for publishing it to the public, and the prosecution said that what the woman did was a violation of the rights of the child. The Domestic Violence Reports Center also revealed that a woman had posted a picture of her child after forcing him to wear girls ’clothes, photographing it and posting the photo on social media.

Violating regulations

Al-Fakhi said that the famous publication of pictures of her child in an uneven position, with the aim of activating the account and increasing followers, is unacceptable and contrary to laws and regulations, and he asked the mother as well as the father if he has a role in the nursery, and the relevant authorities may charge them with negligence or abuse.

Formal procedures

He added that the concerned authorities summon the mother and father, if he has a role in the custody and investigation, and is held accountable for the reasons for this behavior, and if the behavior is urgent and not repeated, the guardian is taken against the guardian not to repeat this act, but if the behavior is repeated and systematic, a protection system is applied The child from harm and taking other measures according to the system, including taking him and providing an alternative family, or he is placed in the places designated for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for such cases, as for the punishment he left its assessment to the judge according to the seriousness of the crime and the surrounding circumstances.


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