A businessman donated to charitable organizations, so his sons threatened him with stones

A businessman approached a law firm to file a disobedience case against his three sons, who threatened to quarantine him after he decided to give up half of his property to charitable organizations, under the pretext that he was not qualified to manage his property.

not qualified

The businessman explained that his sons continue to threaten him, either to give up his idea or file a stone case against him, under the pretext that he is not qualified to manage his properties, taking the opportunity to have a fit of forgetfulness after he had a traffic accident two years ago, and that led to health problems, claiming that he had Alzheimer’s.

Stone issues

Legal Counsel Saleh Abdel Salam confirmed that the majority of quarantine cases brought against parents are the result of children’s greed, so when these cases are raised, a medical report on the condition of the father or mother is requested from a recognized competent authority from a government hospital, proving that one of the parents is incapacitated. And it means that he cannot manage his affairs properly, including property, money, etc.

The lawsuit was dismissed

He also indicated that if one of the parents appeared to deny him in his mind, and his unacceptable behavior in his statements, then the stone case is submitted to the Sharia judge, who is the one who approves either the stone or the dismissal of the case according to the medical report that proves the competence of the defendant. As for the father filing a disobedience case against his children as a result of accusing him of lacking competence and otherwise, then here the judge considers the case, and according to what he sees, it is decided.


The lawyer considered that what the three sons did against their father if he was really not incompetent, then it is considered a disobedience issue, and these sons were greedy to prevent their father from paying part of his money to charitable bodies, and they are not entitled to do so, and such cases are incompatible with religion and morals. The initiation of the stone suit on the basis of a malicious reason enters the children in the disobedience circuit, so the stone is only for the fool, the insane, and the incompetent.

Stone on:

– The patient is dying sick

– for the public interest

– The bankrupt debtor

– Disqualified

– The negligence

– the crazy

– The womanizer

– Fools


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