A book on the practical guide to quality and institutional excellence

Distinguished scientific production, and systematic studies that simulate practical applications, are among the main pillars of supporting and empowering organizations of all kinds to achieve the programs and objectives of the blessed Vision 2030.

A book titled: “The Practical Guide to Quality, Institutional Excellence and Strategies for Winning the King Abdulaziz Quality Award” was published. It is a scientific book that is the product of practical and scientific methodological efforts multiplied for many years in accordance with the best exemplary and global practices. It contains a comprehensive overview of quality and institutional excellence, starting with basic concepts, definitions and the most famous Scientists, pioneers, stages of development, methodologies, scientific tools, approved models, basic guidelines for application, and success factors that support the journey of institutional excellence.

The book concludes by focusing on the national excellence model, the King Abdulaziz Quality Award (KAQA), defining the requirements and strategies for participation and winning them based on practical experience. To be an effective practical guide and an important guide for all leaders, managers, general employees, practitioners, specialists and those interested in quality, institutional excellence and administrative development in all organizations and establishments of all kinds (governmental – private – non-profit) for an in-depth understanding of quality and institutional excellence and their practical applications to support the achievement of the programs and objectives of the vision of the dear homeland, and to achieve success sustainable in accordance with the best international and exemplary practices in quality, institutional excellence and administrative development.

It is noteworthy that the author of the book, Imad bin Ali Bakhit Al-Hawyan, is a certified consultant in quality and institutional excellence and director of quality management in one of the government sectors, with a functional experience of 19 years.


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