A bird that attacks only men

While some birds are familiar with humans, others may run away or start attacking them, as shown Video clip It was published by the Chinese newspaper (South China Morning Post), a black bird, which says that it attacks men only.

The newspaper says that the bird that has been on the campus of a Chinese university for more than 5 years has been attacking humans when they walk near trees, but it excludes women.

The video shows the bird attacking many young men as they passed near the trees, heading towards the head area and trying to target them in some way, but they managed to escape.

The newspaper pointed out that this bird spreads on the campus in the spring and summer, and is stationed on some trees, which prompted the university administration to put up signs to warn passers-by of being attacked by this bird suddenly.

One of the signs reads: “Watch out for the bird in this area. Don’t provoke it. Take the other way.”

One of the students told the newspaper that there are some explanations that reveal the secret of this bird attacking men only. Some of them say that one of the students touched its nest once, and that this is the reason for focusing its attacks on men and excluding women.


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