A barber blows his customers’ feelings with a machete and glass

The Pakistani barber, Ali Abbas, does not hesitate to use unfamiliar tools in his work, such as the blowtorch, cleaver and broken glass pieces, and with it he creates distinctive haircuts for his clients, despite the risks.

These seemingly worrisome technologies are gaining popularity among his customers, despite Pakistan being a very fashion-forward country as elsewhere.

According to AFP, some people do not hesitate to come from as far away as Germany, to discover his unconventional style in his salon in Lahore, eastern Pakistan.

Different hairstyle

Ali cuts hair with a cleaver, using a hammer or cutting board, softens the very thick hair with shattered glass pieces, and burns his customers’ hair with a blowtorch to give it volume.

“I thought of something different to attract more customers,” Ali said. “At first I tried my method on synthetic hair, and after I trained on it for some time, I applied it to a client and he liked it very much,” he added.

After this first experience in 2016, Ali was able to convince other clients to overcome their fears and quit their hesitation, and since then he has achieved unparalleled success.

Ali’s fame extended far beyond Lahore, to the point where the man from a small impoverished village in Punjab province in central Pakistan was a guest on TV shows and participated in fashion photoshoots.


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