91% of Saudi youth want to work in the tourism sector

The Red Sea Development Company, the company developing one of the most ambitious renewable tourism projects in the world, has published the results of an important study on the aspirations of Saudi youth and their parents towards the tourism and hospitality sector.

The study, which was based on more than 850 personal interviews, showed that Saudi youth are less interested in occupations in traditional sectors, such as petrochemicals, oil and gas, as they prefer those related to the country’s strategic growth sectors, which are in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. Nine work in the tourism field, where their percentage is “91%”, compared to a little more than three quarters, equivalent to “77%”, who want to work in the field of petrochemicals.

In this regard, John Pagano, CEO of The Red Sea Development Company, said: “We are only witnessing the beginning of the transformation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economy into a new, more diversified economy, where future generations will have the opportunity to play their roles.

He added: “The profession in tourism and hospitality offers an unparalleled range of opportunities, from managing a global hotel group to becoming a chef or a world-class entrepreneur, and this sector is characterized by diversity that can satisfy everyone. The Red Sea Development Company is now at the heart of this emerging sector. Once completed, the destination will offer 70,000 direct and indirect jobs, providing unparalleled opportunities for people across the country. ”

A prosperous future

Saudi youth and their parents acknowledge the role that the tourism and hospitality sector will play in diversifying the kingdom’s new economy, as two-thirds of them (69%) and six out of ten (59%) believe that this sector will become more important to the Saudi economy in the next ten years. They are optimistic that these roles will be a major catalyst for employing Saudi citizens, as more than two-thirds of Saudi youth (69%) believe that the expansion of the tourism and hospitality sector will contribute to providing jobs for Saudi citizens.

In this context, Pagano commented: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia possesses an ancient and rich cultural heritage, and now, with the growth of the tourism sector, the people of this great country have had the opportunity to introduce the whole world to their unparalleled generosity.” He concluded by saying: “The people of this country are an integral part of our business, and they are the basis on which we rely on developing our ambitious destination. Therefore, it is encouraging to see many Saudi youth value the privileges that work in one of the professions in this vital sector offers them.”

The field fulfills your lifestyle aspirations

The desire of Saudi youth for a career in tourism and hospitality is motivated by their perceptions of the lifestyle that this profession will provide. More than eight out of ten people, equivalent to “84%”, believe that working in the field of tourism and hospitality will give them the salary and resources they expect to support themselves. In spite of the excitement associated with the opportunity to get a job in emerging sectors, Saudi youth still prioritize traditional benefits when considering jobs such as salary (33%), job security (22%), and personal growth opportunities (19%). The full report “Aspects of Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” can be found online at:



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