90’s Clint Eastwood on the Western horse again

Retirement is not possible in the eyes of Clint Eastwood, the legendary Hollywood star, at the age of 91, not only directed a new movie, “Cry Macho”, but also performed in it, riding a horse and also hitting a handball.

“Cray Macho”, which opens Friday in American theaters, falls within the context of the Western films that the actor achieved stardom thanks to, in which Clint Eastwood plays the role of former rodeo hero Mike Milo, who is assigned a last mission, and Milo must travel to Mexico and find and teach the son of his former manager, Ravo. Horse Riding Origins.

Eastwood revealed that “the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis film dates back to about 40 years,” and he was not old enough at the time to play this role, “he suggested that the producer direct the film and use Robert Mitchum in the lead role,” but the project did not appear to the light, and after A few decades ago, the actor considered himself mature enough to play this role himself.

“Everyone loves to see Clint wearing a cowboy hat and riding a horse, and he has not been on a mount since the movie Unforgiven,” said Tim Moore, the producer, who often collaborated with Eastwood, in a statement he made a while ago during the “Cinemacon” festival in Las Vegas. A reference to the famous Oscar-winning Western movie.

He told Moore that “there was so much enthusiasm among the crew on the first day he rode, and it was a really special moment.”

Clint Eastwood, the winner of several “Oscar” awards, gained global fame in the 1960s thanks to the spaghetti western films of Sargo Leone, with the famous trilogy: (A Festival of Dollars), (For A View Dollars More), and (The Good the Bad and the Ugly).


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