90 penalties against telecom companies in 3 months

The Communications and Information Technology Commission issued 90 decisions during the first quarter of the current Hijri year against “telecom companies” operating in the Kingdom. Fines ranged from 5,000 to 10,000 riyals.

The decisions were upheld by the Court of Appeal after the companies objected to the penalties.

The observed violations included the failure to implement the authority’s decisions in complaints within the specified period and the establishment of contact cards in irregular ways.

It is worth noting that the authority’s tasks are to protect users, encourage investment and enhance competition to ensure the provision of distinguished services and innovative digital technologies, and to regulate the communications and information technology sector and the postal sector in a manner that reflects its vision and aspirations of its leadership. Within the framework of Vision 2030, the Kingdom is witnessing a quantum leap in terms of increasing the number of Internet users and publishing broadband networks, and the use of fourth generation technologies.

The government support led to raising the efficiency of performance during the Corona crisis, and the telecommunications sector won many awards at the international level.

The size of the communications and information technology market is more than 140 billion riyals amid efforts to enhance the service on a large scale and support competition between various companies.

The Kingdom is currently planning to enhance cooperation between companies to provide multiple options for citizens in remote areas.

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