86 billion riyals in support to mitigate the effects of economic reforms

The total amount of support for the “Citizen’s Account” program has reached about 86 billion riyals, since its launch in 2017, to mitigate the effects of economic reforms. The program scored 24.7 billion riyals during the year 2020, with a monthly average of 2.06 billion riyals per month. The citizen’s account is a program. Watani was launched after reducing fuel and electricity subsidies, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of government support for citizens, and the amount of subsidy is determined according to some eligibility criteria, such as determining the rate of family and individual consumption, which makes it subject to periodic review of consumption rates to achieve maximum equity. The new amendments included obligating independent individuals to add proof of the independence of housing for everyone aged 18 years or over, and for there to be a higher limit whereby the actual entitlement is calculated for each provider with a variable amount, provided that the support allowance does not exceed (gasoline 91: 1.55 riyals / liter, And the electricity tariff is 0.18 halala / kilowatt), and these amendments came with the aim of ensuring that government benefits are directed to the most deserving groups and raising the efficiency of subsidies in a manner that leads to encouraging rational consumption. .

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