8286 applications for registering sales in real estate disposal tax

The General Authority for Zakat and Income stated that the number of requests for registering real estate sales in the real estate disposal tax service, which was recently launched in conjunction with the imposition of the real estate disposal tax, reached a record level in a few days, exceeding 8,286 requests at the level of regions and cities of the Kingdom. The city of Riyadh came first with 234 applications, followed by Jeddah with 104 applications.

The real estate disposal tax service is one of the electronic services that enables taxpayers to register their real estate in the real estate disposition tax before completing the real estate emptying process or documenting the contract, and the taxpayer enables him to know the extent of his property being subject to tax, while issuing an invoice for payment with the amount of the tax due.

The Deputy Governor of the Authority for Technical Systems and Digitization, Hajar Al-Badrani, explained: The launch of the real estate tax service comes as a continuation of the digital transformation efforts carried out by the authority, in cooperation and integration with other government agencies, in order to improve the quality of its services for those charged with tax systems in the Kingdom.

Taxpayers wishing to obtain more information about the authority’s services can contact it via the unified call center number (19993), the customer care account on Twitter (@Gazt_care), or the authority’s e-mail ([email protected]), or Through instant conversations on the authority’s website (gazt.gov.sa).

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