80% of campus visitors do not want to employ people with Vitiligo

A consultant in dermatology revealed that a study conducted on shopping malls visitors in one of the regions of the Kingdom showed that 80% of them do not want to employ a person with vitiligo, while 42% of girls do not want to marry them.

Causes of Vitiligo

Dr. Najla Al-Dossary said during her participation in the Doctors Diwaniya meeting No. 61 entitled “Eczema and Vitiligo” with the participation of the Chairman of the Cosmetic Committee at the Food and Drug Authority, that 40% of dermatologists in the Kingdom meet 5-10 patients with vitiligo per week, and the rate of infection is on a sample that was studied in a hospital The general Hira in Makkah is 0.43%, and the female infection rate exceeds 90%. Studies refer the causes of Vitiligo to oxidative stress, genetic factor and autoimmunity, confirming that there is no way to prevent Vitiligo from appearing.

around the world

It showed that the prevalence of vitiligo in the world is estimated at 0.5-2% of the population in both adults and children all over the world. Vitiligo affects all ethnic groups and all skin types, and there may be some geographical differences in the prevalence of vitiligo, confirming that medical treatments are available and safe, and does not need To search for folk remedies and herbal medicines for their damages, especially mixtures that are sold without medical supervision, especially as they may contain formulations with a high concentration of cortisone that is not suitable for the site of infection, and over time it may cause thinning of the skin and osteoporosis if used in large quantities, and cause Also cataract in Al-Ain if used on the destination.

Methods for treatment

I confirmed to patients the availability of auxiliary drugs for treatment, including corticosteroid creams, anti-calcineurin creams, topical psoralen with exposure to the sun, UV therapy, laser excimer treatment, immunosuppressants, melanocyte transplantation, which is a special surgical treatment for vitiligo that responds to treatment in limited areas and does not appear New vitiligo at least a year ago, as well as medical tattooing is the injection of a permanent dye under the skin. The satisfaction rate is high among patients, and it is recommended if the percentage of vitiligo is limited under the supervision of a medical tattoo specialist.

False beliefs

She advised vitiligo patients not to be exposed to the sun without using condoms due to the susceptibility of vitiligo to sunburn, and the skin consultant ruled out that vitiligo is a bacterial infection, or related to milk products, or has a relationship with gecko or gecko’s saliva, or as well as lack of hygiene, or eating milk with fish, Or as a result of psychological trauma, all of which are scientifically unproven beliefs.

Unknown mixes

Fahad Al-Sudairy, head of the beauty committee at the Food and Drug Authority, warned of unknown-source mixtures that may contain substances harmful to the body’s systems and cause deformities and thinning of the skin, pointing out that if the symptoms prevent the patient from performing the daily routine or sleep, or when accompanied by eczema Viral or bacterial infection, or when symptoms persist for a long time, you should see a doctor for treatment.


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