8 Saudis at TEDX International

About 8 inspiring Saudi speakers, “including two women,” participated in the TEDX “Global Knowledge Speeches” initiative conference at the Grand Ballroom of King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa, under the slogan: TEDXKFU, in multiple disciplines, from science and business to global issues, technology, entertainment and design.

160 initiatives

Those interested in TEDX conferences, and the organizers of this conference, indicated that TED, a global organization specialized in organizing annual conferences around the world, agreed to organize a series of initiatives, “global knowledge speeches” recently, in the regions and governorates of the Kingdom, and that Saudi Arabia witnessed the implementation of more than 160 initiatives. A sermon” for TEDX from 2009 until now, and the first initiative was at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah in 2009, which is the first year that TEDX began implementing initiatives outside the United States of America “the mother site of the organization”, which confirms the Kingdom’s participation in knowledge and scientific initiatives since early on, noting that TEDX brings together thinkers and doers of the world, to share inspiring ideas in any discipline, from the principle of ideas worth spreading, and to spark discussion among communities around the world.

10 titles

They explained that TED initiatives are concerned with spreading creative ideas that deserve to be spread, including scientific and rational ideas and presenting them in easy and simple ways, and that TED is a global brand that includes thinkers from all countries of the world, indicating that the initiatives focus on 10 versions of different “titles”, namely: General , colleges, school students, educational institutions, single speaker, TED conference broadcasts, women, entrepreneurs, corporations and corporations, public libraries.


They reviewed the mechanism for obtaining a license to organize the “sermon” initiative, through the TED online portal, and filling out the form designated for this, and it takes 5 minutes in English, and requires diversity in presenting ideas, and among the conditions for obtaining a license to organize an initiative is that the initiative be a stand-alone “organization.” Individuals, not institutions or companies”, and choosing a name for the geographical location of the event, and there are two options for entry “free, or with a fee not exceeding $ 100”, and the sermon platform is free of logos except for the TED logo only.

TEDXKFU Speakers:

1- Dr. Nayef Al-Hamam, sermon: “Be a leader without a name.”

2- Dr. Fahd bin Duhaish, sermon: “The Frustrated and Fearful of Differences.”

3- Dr. Suzan Tami, sermon: “The Permanent Companion.”

4- Dr. Abdullah Al-Buali, sermon: “Abdullah’s Dress”.

5- Muhammad Al-Jughayman, sermon: “The ability to mold”.

6- Omar Al-Zahir, sermon: “The Art of Presenting Information.”

7- Kawthar Al-Hamdi, sermon: “The Inner Ray.”

8- Musaed Al-Braikan, sermon: “Al-Bunyan Al-Matin”.

TEDXKFU Conference Leaders:

01- Salman Al-Shams.

02- Abdul Rahman Al Sabeeq.

03- Saleh Al-Yami.

04- Zahrat Abu Zeid.

05- Rawan Al-Turki.

06- Ali Al-Mubaraki.

07- Fatima Al-Ghazal.

08- Abdul Hakim Al-Huwail.

09- Al-Hawra Al-Badawi.


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