8 factors to a successful travel photography trip

Saudi photographer Hussein Al-Abdullatif (who won local and international awards in photography) justified the failure of most of the tourist offices in travel photography trips, due to the focus of their trips to consumer sites, which may not reach the passion of professional photographers, specifying 8 factors for the success of these trips, most notably the use of a guide Tourist, with extensive experience, preferably photographic.

Tibetan villages

Saudi photographer Hisham Al-Hamid (who holds the title of National Geographic photographer), in his evening entitled: “The Roof of the World … Tibet Villages in China”, emphasized one of the most prominent factors in choosing travel photography destinations: being affected by the pictures published on websites and means The various social media specializing in professional photographs, pointing out that to reduce the cost of the trip and the lowest prices, I have to choose tour operators within the same country or region by searching for a tour operator on Google, while staying away from intermediate sites for tour operators in countries other than the target country To travel to it.

8 factors to a successful travel photography trip

– Choose the appropriate time to travel, taking into account the climatic conditions compatible with the objectives of the trip

– The use of a tourist guide with extensive experience, and those with a tendency to photograph are preferred

Selection of regions and countries with many sites, and social diversity

Learning and training on the basics of the target country to travel to

Diversification in destinations, locations, countries and regions

Travel with travel photography teams

Hobby and Passion for Photography

Pre-selection of photography destinations


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