8 causes of high cholesterol

Therapeutic nutritionist Munira Al-Anzi revealed 8 causes of high cholesterol, including: a defect in the manufacture of cholesterol within the liver, increased consumption of fats and foods rich in cholesterol, lack of movement, smoking, in addition to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and the presence of the genetic factor, noting that most These causes can be controlled and avoided.

essential ingredient

Al-Enezi says: What the body manufactures within it is a basic and vital component, and the body perishes without it. Cholesterol is an internal component and the body manufactures it on its own. The body makes 70-80% of the cholesterol it needs and takes the rest of its needs from food at only 20-30%.

Al-Enezi explained that plant foods do not contain cholesterol, only animal foods, and that cholesterol does not move from the place of its manufacture in the liver and intestines to the cells freely because it is a fatty component that does not dissolve in water/blood, so it needs vectors, as there is a special carrier that transports it through the blood inside The arteries to the cells, and there is another carrier that returns it after dispensing with it to the liver to get rid of it, indicating that the first carrier is known by the public as harmful cholesterol (LDL) and the other is known as the beneficial carrier (HDL), and that any defect in the work of the carriers causes cholesterol to remain inside the arteries, so it is deposited over time. And impedes its work and blocks the flow of blood and leads to diseases of the heart and arteries.

rate difference

Al-Enezi referred to four types of cholesterol analyzes: total cholesterol, harmful cholesterol, good cholesterol, and triglycerides, explaining that the required rate varies from patient to patient. For example, patients with diabetes and heart attack are required to lower their cholesterol level less than others.

Al-Enezi noted the need for the level of harmful cholesterol to be in accordance with the healthy rate and not to rise, and that the level of beneficial cholesterol should also be according to the healthy rate, noting that smoking, diabetes, genetic factors, a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition are among the causes of low cholesterol in the body.

Prevention and treatment

Regarding the factors of prevention and treatment of harmful cholesterol, Al-Enezi recommended preventing the causes and dealing with them when they occur (controlling diabetes and stress, reducing weight, exercising), healthy nutrition that aims to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol and raise the level of the beneficial, and taking medicines that are dispensed regularly, in addition to regular exercise Sports.

Cholesterol benefits:

1- Building and installing the inner membranes of cells.

2- Cholesterol is the main component of the brain, 25% of the body’s cholesterol is concentrated in the brain.

3- Maintaining constant body temperature.

4- Synthesis of bile, which is necessary for the digestion of fats.

5- Manufacture a number of important hormones.

6- Synthesis, protection and isolation of neurons.

7- Activate vitamin D.


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