7 women could become billionaires due to an Ant Group IPO

Former finance mentor Lucy Ping’s fortune is poised to rise by $ 5 billion due to her stake in the Chinese Fintech Corporation “Ant Group”, according to a report published by “Bloomberg”.

Bing, 47, is the founding partner and most influential woman of the e-commerce company “Alibaba Group Holding”. She has played a major role over the past two decades in directing the group, and is among the wealthiest personalities in Alibaba.

Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani

Bing was an executive director of Ant Group and is currently the CEO of the Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Lazada Group.

As a result of the dual IPO Ante is preparing for, Bing’s 1.7 percent stake in the company could boost its fortune by about $ 5 billion.

Besides Bing, there are at least six other women who will become billionaires due to Ant’s standard dual IPO in Shanghai and Hong Kong, with a total stake of $ 14.5 billion.

Among them are Trudy Day, a co-founder of Alibaba’s eighteen and head of the business unit, Judy Tong, the company’s chief of staff, and Vice President Yagi Ping.

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