64% don’t believe celebrity food ads

A survey conducted by Walid Al-Saeed, a specialist in the field of engineering sciences in food engineering, regarding the reliability of celebrity advertisements, revealed that 64% of 1224 respondents do not trust them, while 17% think that it depends on the advertiser.

Promotional goal

Al-Saeed explained that the competition between food companies in the field of advertising is very large, so it is looking for platforms that achieve a high viewing rate as possible, and because communication celebrities achieve this requirement, we find them a target for promotion, the reason why marketers neglect the legal aspect regarding all aspects of their ads, even The owner of the product itself may not be aware of this, so we find violating marketing phrases even on the product itself packaging in many products.

Weak oversight

He explained, “The spread of these advertisements and the lack of control over them negatively affect the consumer in particular and society in general, especially when we talk about violating food products, which promote the illusion of either rapid weight loss without effort or sport or a calorie-balanced diet program, in order to ensure the desired results with a guarantee Supplying the body with what it needs from the food pyramid groups without any defect, as well as other healthy nutritional claims, we find that they are used to mislead the consumer and deceive him that the product is healthy and useful, such as mentioning the phrase (free of cholesterol) on the cover of vegetable oils knowing that there is no vegetable oil that contains cholesterol !

Ad sensitivity

The engineer pointed out that “due to the sensitivity of the food advertisements and marketing phrases that are written on the food product and their impact on the health of the consumer, we find the Gulf standard specification GSO DS 2333/2017 the health and nutritional claims permitted for use in food and the conditions of its use, which contain more than 280 phrases that must not be deviated from Any health or nutritional claim, knowing that each phrase has special and precise conditions that are often not applied. We mention from these phrases, for example, but not limited to (natural / high protein / fortified with vitamins / rich in fiber / low in sugar, salt or fat) and many others. ».

Special laws

He added, “Due to the abundance of food advertisements among social media celebrities while neglecting the correct requirements, and because the largest segment of those who follow them, including children and adolescents, must take into account the enactment of special laws for them with prior censorship on each advertisement before submitting it, such as laws that prevent the emergence of fast food or harmful products. At peak times for children ».


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