61% electronic marriage contract in September

Forensic sources revealed to Al-Watan that more than 13,700 marriage contracts were issued by marriage notices last September, 61% of them online.

The sources indicated that the electronic marriage contracts amounted to 8,389 contracts, compared to 5,322 contracts that took place according to the old mechanism.

Riyadh is the highest

Riyadh topped the list with 3131 contracts, followed by Makkah Al-Mukarramah with 2,992 contracts, then Asir with 1411 contracts, then Al-Sharqiya with 1,297 contracts, then Al-Madina Al-Munawwarah with 1136 contracts.

The Minister of Justice, Sheikh Dr. Walid Al-Samaani, had recently directed the expansion of the provision of the electronic marriage contract service in all regions of the Kingdom, through the ezawaj.sa platform, after the success of the experimental launch of the service in Riyadh.

time saving

The Ministry confirmed at the time that the electronic marriage contract service saves time and effort for the beneficiaries, by shortening many of the previous procedures and canceling the review of many government agencies.

She indicated that the recipients who are about to get married can book an appointment with the Ma’zoun near the site, as it is required for the beneficiaries to fill out the application through the ezawaj.sa service portal, enter the parties’ data and enter the required details, conditions and information, and then set a date to attend the authorized marriage officer to the contract council to verify the availability of the elements And the conditions of the marriage contract, and also electronic fingerprint verification through a smart device.


The Ministry indicated that the marriage platform dispenses with the beneficiary reviewing the court to document the contract, the medical examination centers to know the results of the examination, and the civil status to record the event of the marriage, as well as canceling the paper contract document and the control book for the marriage officer, as all these steps have become completely electronic.

She indicated that, with the new service, the beneficiary can now obtain the results of the pre-marriage medical examination electronically.

Electronic contracts

Riyadh 3131

Mecca 2992

Asir 1411

Eastern 1297

Medina 1136

Electronic marriage contract:

An electronic service provided by the Ministry of Justice that allows the completion of all marriage contract procedures electronically through the platform, easily and easily.


Ensure that a medical examination is performed before the date of the marriage session with the Ma’zun.

Bring a copy of the divorce deed for the divorced woman.

Bring a copy of the inheritance deed for a woman whose father has died or whose husband is deceased.

Application steps:

Enter the details of the husband, wife and guardian.

Add the conditions of the husband and wife and enter the dowry data.

Enter witness information.

Determine the location and time of the contract.

Search, choose the authorized marriage official, and make an appointment with him.

The authorized person verifies the parties’ data electronically.

The Ma’zoun shall verify the availability of the pillars and conditions of marriage, the absence of its impediments, and the non-violation of the regulations and instructions.


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