60 government applications move the Kingdom to the first in the world in 3 indicators

Through more than 60 government applications, the Kingdom managed to achieve first place globally in a number of digital achievements, as it achieved first place among the most reformed countries in the business environment, and first in the global ranking in the average internet speed with more than 12 thousand towers for the fifth generation, and it topped the global ranking among The 20 countries in digital competitiveness, in addition to achieving advanced ranks in empowering women with technology, cybersecurity, financing technical development, and the digital infrastructure index.

The data on government websites shows more than 60 electronic applications that were created during the past years to accelerate and facilitate digital transformation for citizens. No ministry was devoid of at least one application to facilitate electronic transactions.

The most prominent achievements of electronic transformation between 2018-2020

Houses covered by fiber optic network in urban areas

2018 = 1.2 million homes

2020 = 3.5 million homes

The Kingdom’s ranking in internet speeds

2018 = 135 globally

2020 = 5 globally

Broadband Covered Homes in Remote Areas

2018 = 58 thousand houses

2020 = 570 thousand homes

average internet speed

2018 = 9 Mbps

2020= 109 Mbps

Payment of financial dues arising from court orders

2018 = 14 days

2020 = 24 hours

customs clearance procedures

Previously = 228 hours

2020 currently = 9 hours

Establishing companies and extracting the commercial register

Previously = 15 days

Currently = 30 minutes

Hajj visa issuance

Previously = 14 days

Currently = 5 minutes

Appointment app

2018 = 14 million appointments

2020 = 67 million appointments

health app

2018 = 289,000 consultations

2020 = 2.1 million consultations

my recipe

2018 = 384 thousand electronic recipes

2020 = 8.4 million online recipes

Countries that have made progress in digital competitiveness 2020

– China

– Saudi Arabia

– Brazil

– Argentina

– Turkey

– Indonesia

– Canada

– Italy

– France

– South Korea

60 government apps

the health

We trust: It shows the health status of its user through colored codes and also allows individuals to contribute to breaking the chain of infection by reporting the infected, or the gatherings that violate the precautionary measures.

– My health: Provides health services to individuals and allows the user to access health information such as updating and follow-up services for vital examinations, tracking medications dispensed, and reviewing and sharing sick leaves

– spacing: One of the technical solutions to track the spread of Corona virus infection, and allows its users to know if they have been in contact with people who have tested positive for the virus.

– Health: It aims to provide a medical consultation service electronically. It allows its users to obtain medical advice from doctors accredited by the Ministry of Health in all medical specialties.

– an appointment: It enables the patient and the service recipient to book his appointments in primary health care centers in coordination with the appointments department, where the application books the appointment and amends or cancels it in any hospital to which the patient is referred.

– Cooperative Health Insurance Council application: An application that enables you to report insurance-related complaints, inquire about the insurance status, and know the approved insurance companies to provide the service within the Kingdom.

– reassure me: This application enables you to confidently identify registered drugs, their details and approved prices, search for drug alternatives at the lowest price, review food products, registered medical devices, and the ability to submit reports and inquiries.

– close: Provides psychological and mental counseling supervised by specialized work staff.


– my school: A new method for managing learning electronically through an interactive learning environment that complements the lessons inside and outside the school and includes many automated educational activities.

– Students’ ambassador: It aims to provide services to students abroad in an easier and faster way, and provides the most important and most frequently used services, such as following up the status of applications submitted on the electronic portal, amending contact data in the Kingdom and the country of study, displaying the attaché data, reviewing the bank statement, and searching in recommended universities.

– My kindergarten: An e-learning application for pre-school students targeting students and parents.

Virtual Kindergarten: An integrated early childhood education system available to all those inside the Kingdom, whether Saudis or residents.

– Banners: It is the trainees’ portal for the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, and it includes student services.


Absher individuals: Provide multiple electronic services, which link between governmental and private sectors, and help in conducting your own transactions with ease and ease.

– Absher works: It offers the services of the Absher Business platform with a customized experience that makes it easy for you to view all the important information related to employees and labor in your organization.

Passport services: It allows getting to know the services of the General Directorate of Passports, and the documents and procedures required to benefit from its services, such as issuing passports to citizens, expatriates and investors, and issuing visas.

We are all safe. A tool that makes the citizen and resident part of an interactive technical security system, to speed up rescue operations and reduce damage and losses, by sending a report and uploading photos, video or audio recording.

– Fazaa: It allows asking for help and assistance from the Civil Defense, and reporting any accident.

– Madani 998: Another means of contacting the Civil Defense, providing services to companies, individuals and civil defense employees, and obtaining information about the daily weather.

Business sector

Installation windows: It provides consultations in several areas such as finance, technology, innovation, law, marketing and remote sales, and is carried out by specialized consultants.

– competitions: An application for the electronic government procurement system project, which facilitates the procedures for competitions, tenders and government procurement in all government sectors.

Trade and Consumer Protection

Commercial Violations Report: Enables the consumer to submit a report of a commercial violation.

– a favour: This application looks like a reliable commercial registry, whether you are a shopper who wants to preserve his rights when buying from online stores, or an online store owner who wants to give his business a legal appearance in front of buyers. It also provides you with a database of approved electronic stores in various fields.

Discounts: An application to save images of purchase invoices and consumer guarantees; To be able to retrieve, share and print whenever he wants.

– Make sure: Allows the consumer to check the quality mark, energy efficiency label labels for electrical products, tyres, vehicles and lighting.

Human Resources and Social Care

My job information: It allows the beneficiary to obtain information and documents for selected services provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Citizen account: It is easy for the user to view all the account details, the details of the financial payments, the results of the objections and other services provided by the citizen’s account.

My insurance: The beneficiary of the services of the General Organization for Social Insurance is provided with a range of services.

– Enrichment: An electronic platform for the “National Distance Training Program” initiative, one of the initiatives of the Institute of Public Administration, which aims to raise the efficiency of civil servants.

– Signal: The first application that provides remote visual interpretation, and serves all service sectors that help deaf people communicate with service providers without any obstacles, through instant visual communication linked to a sign language interpreter or interpreter.

Municipal services and housing

– My country: It provides a new channel for reporting violations related to municipal services in all neighborhoods, streets and roads of the Kingdom, in a photo-and-send manner.

Opportunities: A collection of investment opportunities announced by 258 municipalities and municipalities, for more than 100 activities, and provides the ability to view and purchase the terms and conditions brochure electronically.

Residential: It aims to facilitate the process of providing suitable housing for eligible Saudi families, by providing housing support that suits their needs.

Environment, water and agriculture

Your agricultural guide: The application provides extension services in various agricultural fields.

National waters: It helps to carry out more than 30 services more easily, such as electronic payment, requesting a water tank, and submitting an objection to the bill.

Industry and Mineral Resources

Cities app: It guides you to Saudi factories, types of industries, and ways to communicate.

Industrial Development Fund Application: It provides a number of information and services of interest to the investor in the industrial field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is continuously updated.

The judicial and legal sector

– Ministry of Justice application: It provides all the services provided by the Ministry of Justice electronically

Successful application: It provides services for the judiciary, real estate, execution, personal status, agencies, lawyers services and marriage officials.

– default: It aims to activate the reconciliation in the Ministry of Justice, and to enable the parties to the case, the reformers of the ministry and the registered reformers to meet, realistically or hypothetically, and to practice the process of reconciliation.

Right application: To submit complaints and legal advice to the Human Rights Commission

the financial sector

– Zakaty application: It aims to give individuals the option to pay their zakat to the General Authority for Zakat and Income. It also facilitates access to zakat services.

– Added tax: It helps establishments in calculating value added tax, and the service of ensuring that establishments are registered using the tax number or commercial register.

– Smati application: Enables to view all credit behaviors.

Tourism and Travel

– The application of the spirit of Saudi Arabia: An official interactive platform under the supervision of the Saudi Tourism Authority. It is a tourist guide for all tourist sites, restaurants, markets, amusement parks, hotels, beaches, museums and parks.

Saudi Airports Application: It helps to review and track flight information, save the car’s position within the airport parking lots, and know all the services available there.

Islamic Affairs

– Umrahna application: It enables those wishing to perform the Umrah and the visit to request the issuance of permits to enter the Two Holy Mosques to perform the Umrah, the visit and the prayers according to the absorptive capacity approved by the concerned authorities.

– The application of housing for pilgrims: To assist the Umrah companies in registering the pilgrims entering and leaving the hotels, in order to improve the services provided to the pilgrims and preserve their rights.

– Sha’ir Smart Card Application: The official Hajj application approved by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to serve the pilgrims and facilitate the performance of their rituals.


– ways: An application that provides shipping services in Saudi Post

– specified: An application for a digital geographic map system that provides a location service to locate the main landmarks in the city, such as public interests, institutions, commercial offices, markets, banks, and clubs.

Media and culture

Monitor now: An application that provides local and international news and brief stories in Arabic to all Saudi citizens.

– Ministry of Information: It contains news issued by the Ministry of Information, radio and television broadcasts, and technical support that enables the user to submit a complaint or suggestion.

Sports and Entertainment

– partner: The first interactive sports platform in the Kingdom provided by the Ministry of Sports, which hosts, organizes and manages the Sharek platform for sports events of all kinds in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia tickets: The main platform for booking tickets in the Kingdom and buying tickets for all Saudi football matches, and the application provides all the details of Saudi football matches.

– live it: This application helps in designing an entertainment program through the possibility of reviewing various recreational activities in all regions of the Kingdom.

Volunteer and charitable sector

The National Volunteer Work Platform: A Saudi incubator for volunteer work that provides a safe environment that serves and regulates the relationship between the entities providing volunteer opportunities and volunteers in the Kingdom.

Health volunteering: An electronic application of the Health Volunteer Center at the Ministry of Health, which aims to facilitate volunteers’ access to volunteer opportunities and participate in various initiatives in proportion to the volunteers’ fields and skills

– Watten: It helps to book appointments for blood donation at blood banks in the Kingdom, and document the donation.

– Wisal: An application to facilitate the access of benefactors to those in need by recording the evidence that helps in access.


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