6 Shows to Attend at Fashion Week

After Milan, the torch of fashion weeks will move to Paris through a group of ready-to-wear menswear shows from today, followed by fashion in July, and this sector seeks to define its new identity in the post-Covid-19 pandemic, based on the new formulas that were adopted in the shows during The epidemic phase, and in light of a number of major designers and fashion houses refraining from participating in the familiar programs, preferring to set their own schedule of activities.

Of the 72 fashion houses included in the official program of the men’s fashion week in Paris, only “Dior”, “Hermes” and four other brands invited the public to attend their shows.


In Milan, only three shows in attendance for a number of major fashion houses, “Dolce et Gabbana”, “Etro” and “Armani”, formed the starting signal for a return to normalcy, but New York will not resume its activity in this field until September, while it was held in the virtual format. London Fashion Week has become “gender-neutral”.

In Paris, Louis Vuitton chose to continue holding its shows in the virtual format, as did the role of “Dries Van Noten”, “Yuji Yamamoto”, “Issey Miyake”, “Louis” and “Tom Brown”.

“There is a very strong desire to return to the public performances,” Pascal Morin, CEO of the French Haute Couture and Fashion Federation, told AFP.

But he expected that after the pandemic that accelerated the digital revolution, performances would move to a world he described as “vigital”, an expression that combines the French words “physic” and “digital”, meaning physical presence and the digital form. He explained that the offers “will not be in one of the two formats without the other, but will include them together, which is an innovation factor.”


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