6 digital initiatives for Taif and Umm Al-Qura

Umm Al-Qura University and Taif University are participating in 6 digital initiatives in the Makkah Cultural Forum in its current season, under the slogan “How to be an example in the digital world.” Taif University has presented 4 digital initiatives, among them the “Digital Model Family Campaign”, to raise parents’ awareness of the proper handling and safe use of digital websites, applications and platforms with their families. The initiative also seeks to provide the target with a mechanism for regular and correct behavior when users are exposed to cybercrime.

As for the initiative, “an electronic game directed at the emerging role model industry”, it design and develop innovative electronic games that enable young people to practice leadership skills, including self-reliance and belonging to the homeland in a safe manner, under the supervision of national educational cadres.

Taif University’s initiatives included the “Women in Data Science Conference – Taif 1442” event to enhance the status of women in society and empower them in several sectors such as science and technology, in cooperation with Stanford University of America. As for Umm Al-Qura University, it participated in its electronic platform “digital example” that targets the younger generation of age. 8-16 years with the aim of containing their participation in the digital world, developing their technical, social and artistic skills and building themselves, to be influential in the digital world, by publishing short educational videos on various topics that enhance the elements of digital citizenship, designed in an attractive way using microlearning.


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