6 difficulties faced by Clarinet players

The Saudi musician, Muhammad Nabil, “a specialist in playing the Clarinet”, identified about 6 difficulties that players face with this instrument, namely: the high price of the instrument, the lack of places to buy it, the difficulty of providing consumer parts, the lack of specialized maintenance centers and institutes for training and education, explaining that these The instrument is classified as a wind instrument.

Finger movement

Nabil indicated to “Al-Watan” on the sidelines of the cultural musical evening, entitled: “Clarinet”, organized by the Music Department of the Culture and Arts Association in Al-Ahsa, that in Saudi Arabia there are about 6 players playing this instrument only, all of them are males, and two players are famous at the level of the Arab world. Only, indicating that training the newcomers in using the instrument requires at least 3 months to reach a somewhat acceptable sound, and it is accompanied by difficulty in the movement of the fingers, and heavy in playing, and with continuity for a long time these difficulties end, and among the most prominent types of playing “voices”, namely : Greek, Jazz, Classic, Turkish, Indian, and these sounds can be combined with each other, pointing out that “weather” is a big influencing factor in playing this instrument, and it is preferable to moderate temperatures and avoid heat, because it may cause damage to some pieces. And locations of moderate humidity and without dirt or dust.

Antique wood

He added that the original machine is high in price, reaching a maximum of 50 thousand riyals, and the commercial machine is 1500 riyals, and the reason for the low price of the commercial is because the keys are made of “nickel”, and with the passage of time these openings close, and the best is “steel” to ensure the continuity of the machine, Also, the commercial machine is made of plastic, and the best wood for the quality of the acoustic tone, specifically the wood that has been aged for more than 30 years, to ensure that it is free from moisture, and that the price of the machine for beginners is 6 thousand riyals, pointing out that the keys coated with gold and silver are better than nickel, to produce fast vocal tones. Because of the low level of friction.

Difficulty in maintenance

He showed that the cost of playing per hour reaches 1200 riyals, and in Europe that price is much higher, and therefore it is feasible for Europeans to acquire luxurious and advanced instruments, in addition to the availability of spare parts for consumption and maintenance.


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